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Action for freedom from torture in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

Information about the project

December 2013 – June 2016

European Union

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the eradication of torture and other forms of mistreatment in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The specific objectives are to strengthen the capacity of civil society to monitor torture cases, protect victims and conduct efficient advocacy for the adoption of policy reforms for the prevention of torture; to establish cooperation between various stakeholders to enable activities aimed at achieving systemic changes in the field of prevention of torture; to raise public awareness on the available mechanisms of defence against torture and obtaining compensation; and to increase defence and redress mechanisms for victims of torture by providing legal assistance, monitoring of cases of torture and obtaining rehabilitation and compensation.
The project aims to result in an increased level and efficiency of investigations into torture cases; an increased number of torture survivors receiving effective medical, psychological and social rehabilitation and legal remedy and redress; more effective implementation of the Unite Nations Convention Against Torture (UNCAT) and other relevant international standards; increased institutional, investigative and reporting capacities of NGOs; clearer guidelines for security and law enforcement officials related to the investigation of torture cases and sentencing of perpetrators; national mechanisms for the prevention of torture put into place.The project will aid in capacity building, coordination and networking through an elaboration of strategic documents such as advocacy and media strategies, educational activities and strategy meetings; legal defence of victims and strategic litigation; national and international advocacy by bodies including the UN, the EU and the OSCE; communication and awareness-raising, through activities such as informing local communities and the international community, information campaigns and seminars for journalists.

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