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Another European Parliament’s Resolution on CIA secret prisons

The European Parliament adopted another resolution on alleged transportation and illegal detention of prisoners in European countries by the CIA.

The Parliament expressed regret over the failure of the Council, Commission and the governments of the Member States, candidate states and associated countries, NATO, and the US authorities to implement the recommendations contained in the relevant resolution of 11 September 2012. In the opinion of the EP the inaction has enabled the continuation of fundamental rights violations in the counter-terrorism policies of the EU and the US.

The EP reiterated its call on individual Member States to take specific measures. In the appeal to Poland, the European Parliament urged the Polish authorities “to continue the investigation with greater transparency, notably by offering evidence of concrete developments in its investigation, by allowing victims’ representatives to meaningfully represent their clients and by allowing them their right to access all relevant classified material, and to act on the material that has been collected”.

“We were glad to hear that the European Parliament adopted this resolution”, says Dr. Adam Bodnar, HFHR Deputy President. For several years now, the Foundation has been running the programme Observatory of CIA operations in the Republic of Poland. “We shouldn’t forget, however, that the investigation into CIA prisons in Poland has been conducted for a few years and we haven’t seen any effects of it yet”, adds Dr. Bodnar.

The European Parliament also called on the Polish authorities to “start criminal prosecutions against any implicated state actor” and to “cooperate in full with the ECtHR regarding the cases of Al-Nashiri v. Poland and Abu Zubaydah v. Poland”.

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