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Are exam conditions adjusted to needs of students with disabilities?

The HFHR has filed a public information request to the Head of the National Examination Board, inquiring about the implementation of laws that require the adjustment of conditions and forms of educational tests and exams to the needs of students with disabilities. The Foundation’s request was prompted by a complaint alleging an improper implementation of such laws.

Persons with disabilities have the legal right to access to the educational system, and public authorities are obliged to support students with disabilities, for example, by making adjustments to meet their individual needs.

“We would like to know how many students have benefited from the adjusted conditions or forms of taking exams over the last several years, depending on a type of their disability”, says Elżbieta Czyż, Member of the HFHR Board. “These data will help us to evaluate the existing solutions and consider possible courses of action to better protect the right to education of persons with disabilities”, Ms Czyż adds.

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