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Barbara Skarga Brave Thinking Award for Professor Osiatyński

We are delighted to inform our readers that Professor Wiktor Osiatyński has received the Barbara Skarga Brave Thinking Award from the Polish Confederation Lewiatan, a prominent Polish employers’ organisation.

Professor Osiatyński is an expert in the areas of constitutional law, history of political and legal doctrines, and human rights. Since 1995, he has been holding a professorship at the Central European University of Budapest, Hungary. He also taught at Columbia University, Harvard Law School, Stanford University and the University of Siena.

Professor Osiatyński is the mastermind behind the Strategic Litigation Programme of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, and a co-creator of the Commission for Education on Alcohol Abuse and Other Addictions. He is the author of nearly 40 books and countless academic and journalistic papers on constitutional law, human rights protection and addictions.

Wiktor Osiatyński is also a wonderful teacher. His lectures, seminars and publications inspire generations of human rights activists and advocates of a democratic state ruled by law.

We are proud to have been honoured by Professor Wiktor Osiatyński’s friendship for the last 26 years.

Dear Professor, please accept our heartfelt congratulations.

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