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Calling on the Prime Minister to postpone the signature of ACTA

Last week, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights called on the Polish Prime Minister to delay signing by Poland of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, known as ‘ACTA’, until all doubts concerning the treaty are resolved.

In the Foundation’s opinion, any decision on the possible implementation of ACTA should be preceded by an open discussion and a review of the content of the agreement.  Yet, prior to entering into such a debate, the public has to be given a detailed explanation of the changes proposed in the treaty, their implications and potential threats resulting from Poland’s signing up to the treaty.

‘Any remarks made, both at the European and national level, by institutions acting as guardians of fundamental rights, including the right to privacy and the freedom of speech, should be thoroughly analysed prior to the signing of the agreement by Poland. According to international law, Poland’s signature of ACTA will be a clear signal sent to the international community that the country approves the provisions of the agreement’, reads the Foundation’s statement.

Following the announcement by Minister Michał Boni who stated that despite many doubts ACTA would be signed by Poland as early as 26 January 2012, a number of other non-governmental organisation, who  have been following ACTA developments for months, have also expressed disappointment with the government’s position. They have made submissions requesting, among other things, that the agreement be referred to the European Court of Justice.

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