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Conclusion of the Roma Project

HFHR in collaboration with the Italian-based ISMU Foundation, the Italian and Roma association Upre Roma, and the French NGO Association Rues et Cités, completed a project which aimed at social activation of the Roma people.

“During the project, we took advantage of the possibilities offered by the digital technologies”, says Agnieszka Mikulska-Jolles, the project coordinator. “One of the elements of the project was to train the young Roma on the use of Internet communication tools. Next, the project participants created the Internet Radio Rom Revolution, with the support from the Italian journalists”, adds Ms Mikulska-Jolles.

A practical guidebook on the Roma people and the use of IT technology was also developed as part of the project. “During the project, we tried to show that new technologies are really good tools for economic- and cultural inclusion. They can be successfully used by organisations and institutions that run projects addressed to the Roma communities”, adds Agnieszka Mikulska-Jolles.

The theoretical discussion on the social status of the Roma people in various European countries and on their use of ICT instruments, was reflected in a book called “Virtual Citizenship. Roma Communities, Inclusion Policies, Participation and ICT Tools”.

The project was implemented within the programme GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PARTNERSHIP.

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