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Danuta Przywara, HFHR President of the Board, decorated

On Thursday, 15 September, President Bronisław Komorowski decorated the HFHR President of the Board Danuta Przywara with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta.

The President awarded orders to representatives of non-governmental organisations, recognising their outstanding achievements in the area of building civil society and in their professional and public activities undertaken for the benefit of the state.

‘State decorations are only an addition to the people’s words of gratitude for selfless service’ , highlighted President Bronisław Komorowski awarding orders to NGO founders and activists.

For many years Danuta Przywara has been advocating for the protection of human and civic rights. She was a member of the Helsinki Committee in the 1980s. In 1989 she co-funded the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. Since 2008 she has been the President of the HFHR Board. Her colleagues describe her as “the pillar and the soul of the Helsinki Foundation”.

‘I would wish to thank, with all my heart, all of the staff and friends of the Foundation and all my colleagues. This distinction is for all of us, for what we’ve done so far and for what, I hope, we’ll keep doing further on’, says Danuta Przywara.

Our best congratulations to President Przywara!

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