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Did the prosecution service disclose information regarding other Belarusian oppositionists?

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights asked the Prosecutor General to reveal whether the Polish prosecution service provided the Belarusian authorities with information on other Belarusian oppositionists. The HFHR has learnt that several Belarusian oppositionists associated with the Human Rights Centre Vesna had to abandon their plans of returning to Belarus as they were afraid of political repression. Currently they are staying in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Valintsin Stefanovic, Tatsiana Reviaka and Uladzimir Labkovich were named amongst the targeted activists. Their families in Belarus were left with no means of subsistence.

Early August this year it came to light that Polish Prosecution Service provided the Belarusian law enforcement with information regarding Ales Belyatsky, head of the Human Rights Centre Vesna, a Belarusian human rights advocacy.

The HFHR calls to immediately inform the public whether the Polish prosecution service has actually disclosed any information concerning other oppositionists.

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