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Far-right leader comments reported to prosecution service

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights filed a report of a suspected crime committed by Adam Gmurczyk, Chairman of the nationalist political party National Revival of Poland (Narodowe Odrodzenie Polski), alleging that Mr Gmurczyk incited a misdemeanour and publicly endorsed a criminal offence.

The case concerns the incident that took place after the Patriots’ March on 11 November 2012 in Wrocław. On that day dozens of people barged into the Wagenburg squat. The aggressive group vandalised squatters’ campers and property left outside, including cars.

A majority of the attacked managed to escape, fearing for their lives and health. One squatter, a 34-year-old male, was severely beaten up, also with batons and knuckledusters, and later rushed to hospital in serious condition. Two days after the incident the Chairman of National Revival of Poland Adam Gmurczyk posted the following comment on his Facebook page:

“The media reported that after the Patriots’ March a group of Wrocław volunteers went to the local squat and, despite the festive day, conducted some repairs. I was wondering, why such a selfless action? This picture explains it all. The terrible conditions in which the squatters live in moved the hearts and souls of the Wrocław people. As a human being – I thank them for that. Remain persistent!”

“In his remarks about ‘a group of Wrocław volunteers’ who, ‘despite the festive day’, ‘went to the local squat’ to do their ‘repairs’ or the ‘selfless action’, Adam Gmurczyk directly referred to the events at the squat located in Na Grobli street in Wrocław”, says Dr. Dorota Pudzianowska, Coordinator of the Article 32 Programme. The actions in question were in fact criminal offences: destruction of property (article 288(1) of the Criminal Code), causing grievous bodily harm (article 156(1) of the same Code) and exposure of a person to the risk of death or serious injury (art. 160(1) as above).

At the same time Adam Gmurczyk thanked the assailants (“As a human being – I thank them for that”) and further encouraged them to act (“Remain persistent!”). According to the HFHR, these facts support the allegation that Mr Gmurczyk committed the offence of inciting a misdemeanour and publicly endorsing a criminal offence.

These offences carry the penalty of fine, limitation of liberty or deprivation of liberty.

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