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First anniversary of Professor Wiktor Osiatyński’s departure

A year ago we learned that Professor Wiktor Osiatyński had lost his struggle with illness and would remain with us only in spirit.

Professor Osiatyński, or Wiktor, as he liked to be called, was a constitutional lawyer, sociologist, researcher and columnist, and also a university teacher and social activist, feminist and – last but not least – a human rights defender.

A genuine spiritus movens and caretaker of many public initiatives, he was devoting him all self to actions for the common good understood as the possibility of living and working in a democratic state ruled by law that not only respects human rights and freedoms but also pays close attention to all vulnerable people remaining under its care and protection.

Wiktor Osiatyński was an open-minded person and an inspiring teacher helping the young to find their own way and supporting their endeavours.

He was not afraid to use his own life story to promote a “non-quitter” attitude and show that a person can find their way out from even the direst life situations.

I could go on for a long time and talk about those of Wiktor’s traits of character that made him a persona so diverse and important for so many people who had the good fortune to meet him.

For us, the Foundation people, Wiktor Osiatyński was above all that the truest Friend. 

Thank you, Wiktor.

Danuta Przywara
on behalf of the men and women of HFHR

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