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Foreigners in Poland – new HFHR publication

As part of the project “Foreigners rights – human rights. Training in migration law” the HFHR issued a publication “Foreigners in Poland. A textbook for public officials”, which outlines in a clear and accessible manner all means of legalising foreigners’ stay in Poland.

The textbook also discusses the basic issues of multiculturalism.

“The textbook is designed for all public officials who deal with foreigners in their daily work”, says Maja Łysienia, HFHR lawyer and an author of the textbook. “Its aim is to explain the applicable migration laws, with a particular focus on the measures introduced by the Foreigners’ Act of 12 December 2013. Both Polish and EU law are getting more and more complex and extensive each year: not only foreigners but also civil servants have to struggle to understand the maze of laws governing this area”, adds Ms Łysienia.

The authors of the publication are members of the Legal Aid Programme for Refugees and Migrants of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights. In their daily work they support migrants who approach the Foundation seeking help.

A supplement to the textbook with sample documents used by foreigners in Poland to prove that they are staying in Poland legally is also planned to be published.

The project “Foreigners rights – human rights. Training in migration law” is co-financed by the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals and the state budget.

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