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Foreigners’ rights – human rights: three publications coming soon

The HFHR is currently preparing three publications: “Me in the asylum procedure. About the rights and responsibilities under the procedure”, “Refugee status. Subsidiary protection in Poland. What next?” and “Foreigners in Poland. A textbook for public officials”.

The two first publications on refugees will be written in Arabic, English and Ukrainian. Their purpose is to help readers to understand their rights and how they can function in Poland. The textbook for public officials “Foreigners in Poland” outlines, in a clear and accessible manner, all means of legalising foreigners’ stay in Poland. The textbook also describes the legal situation of foreigners who stay in Poland illegally as well as the integration instruments or local initiatives as best practices. A supplement to the textbook with sample documents used by foreigners in Poland will also be published.

All of the publications are describing the laws in force as of February 2016.

If you are interested in receiving the publications, please send an e-mail to Joanna Krupadziorow: j.krupadziorow[at]hfhr.org.pl.

The guides will be published as part of the “Foreigners rights – human rights” project. Within the framework of the project the HFHR is also holding educational workshops on foreigners’ rights. The interest in the workshop has been greater than we expected. At the same time, it proved how useful and important it is to develop multicultural competencies, skills and broaden the knowledge in the area of counteracting prejudices and discrimination and the general theme of the rights of foreigners. Twenty-two institutions and organisations contacted the HFHR alone which is responsible for 7 out of 21 training courses; we have also accepted dozens of individual applications. All of the thematic areas are popular among the recipients, whereas each course is different, owing to the fact that they are adjusted to the needs reported by the groups.

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