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Government Legislation Centre responds in the matter of the amendment of Assemblies Act

The Head of the Government Legislation Centre (RCL) responded to the Foundation’s letter concerning the amendment to the Assemblies Act. Maciej Berek, Head of the RCL, said there had been no defects in the RCL’s course of action discussed in the letter.

‘The discrepancies concerning the assessment of the discussed draft law, as expressed by the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Government Legislation Centre, will be resolved during subsequent stages of the legislative process, provided that the Minister of Interior and Administration submits the draft for the consideration of the Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers, which is a pre-condition for commencing the process’, reads the RCL response.

Towards the end of August 2011 the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights intervened with Prime Minister Donald Tusk concerning the reasons for delay in completing the legislative works on the amendments to the Assemblies Act. In its intervention, the Foundation reminded that Poland as a member of the European Convention of Human Rights is under obligation to enforce ECHR judgements, arguing that ‘legislative works on the draft amendment to the Assemblies Act should be completed as soon as possible since this piece of legislation is of a crucial meaning for the development of the civic society’.

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