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Helsinki Committee’s statement on the withdrawal from distribution academic publications on democracy

„Withdrawal from distribution by the Sejm’s Publishing House of the three academic publications concerning democracy is an act of censorship” reads the statement of the Helsinki Committee in Poland.

Last week, media reported that Sejm’s Publishing House withdrew from distribution three academic publications on democracy („Współczesne teorie demokracji” by Professor Andrzeja Antoszewski, „Niedemokratyczne wymiary demokratycznych wyborów” edited by Prodessor Jarosława Szymanek and „Niezależność konstytucyjnego organu państwa i jego ochrona” by Wojciech Brzozowski, Ph.D.).

Media reported that all of these publications underwent the entire publishing processing were ready for distribution, however the distribution was blocked.

„In the Gdańsk Agreements of 1980s, abolition of censorship was one of the most important postulates. Today, the freedom of expression and scientific discourse as well as the freedom from censorship are guaranteed by the Constitution. We demand that they are respected.”

The statement is available here.

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