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HFHR comments on human rights education in new core curricula

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has presented an opinion on the proposed core curricula sections on human rights education and civic education to Minister of National Education Anna Zalewska.

The opinion reminded that the Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education of the Council of Europe suggests that education in these areas should commence already at the pre-school level and continue throughout all levels of education, including higher education. However, according to the proposed new core curricula, the subjects that cover civic and human rights issues are to be introduced only in the 8th grade of the primary school.

The comments also noted that the core curricula failed to sufficiently address civic education topics. “For some obscure reasons, the issue of international human rights protection is included in the optional, extended-level curriculum as compared to the obligatory, basic level curriculum, where it appears only incidentally even though it should be well within the comprehension of primary school pupils.

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