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HFHR intervenes in the case of racist assault in Lubawa

The HFHR has reached out to the Regional Prosecutor in Elbląg regarding the racist incidents and attacks that had allegedly taken place in Lubawa.

Tunisian’s home burglarized

According to press reports, a Tunisian resident of Lubawa was targeted by racist violence and later became the victim of a burglary and vandalism.

According to press accounts, in its investigation, the police have so far focused on the vandalism line of enquiry. However, as the police reported, the racist elements of the case – although examined – were not emphasised or shown at the moment the matter was reported to the police.

Racist grounds

As the HFHR noted, it is necessary to determine whether a hate crime might have been committed and whether the burglary and vandalism were committed on racist grounds.

“The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has many times ruled that the equal treatment given to cases of hate motivated by racism (or, generally, discrimination) and to cases without such elements is tantamount to ‘turning a blind eye’ to the specific nature of such offences, which are especially destructive for human rights. Due to its dangerous consequences, authorities are required to remain vigilant and respond firmly to any violence resulting from discrimination”, HFHR’s lawyer Jarosław Jagura explains.

“Actions taken by state bodies in cases of confirmed suspicions of hate crimes should constitute a clear message that no such behaviour will be tolerated. Such offences can be in no way reconciled with the standards of a democratic state ruled by law”, Mr Jagura adds.

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