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HFHR issues statement about recent attack on Campaign Against Homophobia headquarters

In the wake of another attack on the headquarters of Campaign Against Homophobia, the HFHR calls representatives of the Government to firmly condemn all manifestations of hate based on prejudice. At the same time, the Foundation expresses hope that the proceedings conducted by law enforcement authorities will contribute to the explanation of all circumstances of the incident that targeted Campaign Against Homophobia.

“The headquarters of Campaign Against Homophobia, a non-governmental organisation acting to prevent discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, has recently been targeted by another attack. We are concerned to see the increasing number of incidents motivated by hate and resentment against members of groups discerned on the basis of not only sexual orientation or gender identity but also national, ethnic and racial origin or denomination”, reads the HFHR’s statement.

Acts of aggression fuelled by racial or national and ethnic bias are especially destructive for human rights. This is precisely why whenever a bias-motivated crime is committed, public authorities such as the prosecution service and the police, should take measures to thoroughly explain circumstances of a case and conduct fair and effective proceedings. Unfortunately, on may note worrying practices in this area, exemplified by a Wrocław prosecutor’s office decision to discontinue proceedings in a case concerning incitement to racial and religious hatred.

The HFHR also emphasises that public authorities should respond with the same urgency to the cases of hate crime motivated by homophobic factors because discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation is as serious as that based on a victim’s race, ethnic origin or skin colour.

The Helsinki Foundation is deeply concerned with any signs of authorities downplaying the problem of violence and xenophobia. “Acts of violence motivated by discrimination cannot be reconciled with the constitutional principles governing the Republic of Poland as a democratic state ruled by law and built on the foundation of respect for human dignity and equality”, the HFHR wrote.

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