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HFHR opposes public display of images of protesters against state-owned TV

“The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights strongly opposes the release of images and data identifying participants in the protest before the head office of Polish Public Television on 2 February 2019, which was done by Wiadomości TVP, an evening news programme. Publishing a person’s image without their consent not only is illegal and amounts to a violation of their personality rights but also, in this particular context, attaches a stigma to the affected protesters”, reads the HFHR’s position statement.

The HFHR emphasises that the mere fact of taking part in a protest does not make the protesters public figures or public officials, which was given as grounds justifying the publication of their image. At the same time, the Foundation declares to provide legal assistance to all persons whose personality rights have been violated by the release or who will be named as the accused in petty offence proceedings launched in connection with the protest.

In its position statement, the HFHR expresses concern at the continuously increasing level of aggression in public life and the escalating tensions in public debate. “The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights urges all participants in public discussions, including journalists, politicians and protesting citizens, to keep the ongoing dispute in line with the standards of freedom of expression and a democratic state ruled by law”, the position statement reads.

The position statement can be read here.

The HFHR also filed a complaint with the National Broadcasting Council.

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