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HFHR statement on hospitality centre employing persons with mental health problems

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has issued an official statement to the Governor of the Małopolskie province, Jerzy Miller, concerning the hotel and hospitality centre Zielony Dół which employs persons with mental health problems.

The HFHR expressed its concern over Mr Miller’s decision to withdraw permission for Laboratorium Cogito to continue to manage the centre as hitherto.

“We fear the decision may lead to the disappearance of valuable social initiatives and the centre’s employees may lose the support they need”, says HFHR’s lawyer, Dorota Pudzianowska, Ph.D.

The statement reads that any intervention of the local authorities in the operation of the centre should be in accordance with Poland’s international obligations, most of all with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities ratified in 2012.

“The Convention clearly states that the state is obliged to protect and support the right of disabled persons to work and facilitate their participation in social life. It is therefore difficult to assess the decision to change the Centre’s mode of operation as compliant with the provisions of the Convention”, adds Dorota Pudzianowska.

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