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HFHR to launch Migration Law Clinic

Are you interested in migration law? Do you want to learn about the rights and duties of foreigners staying in Poland? Would you like to know more about the practical application of legal protection awarded to foreigners living in Poland? Apply to the Migration Law Clinic at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and explore these subjects and more!

The Clinic offers a theory-driven training programme in the law of migration, launching in September 2014 at the Foundation head office, ul. Zgoda 11, Warsaw, Poland. The programme’s classes will be conducted by lawyers involved in protecting foreigners’ rights in their everyday practice. The course curriculum will cover Polish, EU and international law, as well as the relevant jurisprudence of the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Moreover, the Clinic will organise a two-month practical course at the HFHR’s Legal Assistance Programme for Refugees and Migrants (October-December 2014), also at the Foundation head office. Thanks to the course the Clinic participants will have an opportunity to gain experience and improve their practical skills, in particular legal brief writing skills useful in cases involving foreigners. Trainees will also work individual cases of foreigners handled by the Foundation’s legal team and observe judicial hearings in matters concerning foreigners. In such a way, the training participants will learn the ropes of pro bono work and public interest actions. The practice course schedule is flexible which may be advantageous for university students.

The application process is open for law or administration students, in their third, fourth of fifth year of study, interested in migration law and migrations. The knowledge of administrative and judicial-administrative procedures, and a good command of foreign languages will increase the chances of admission. Applications, containing a resume and a cover letter, should be sent to m.lysienia@hfhr.org.pl by 15 June 2014.

Selected candidates will be invited to take part in an interview.

To find out more about the Clinic, please call at 22 556 44 66, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 3 pm, or send an email to m.lysienia@hfhr.org.pl or mszczepanik@hfhr.org.pl.

The Migration Law Clinic is a part of the project “For Dialogue – Promoting Integration into the Host Society”, which is co-funded from the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals and the state budget.

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