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HFHR writes to the Ombudsman for Children about homeless girl

Further to media reports on extremely difficult life situation of a 13-year-old girl featured in TV reportage of TVN’s “UWAGA” magazine, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights has called on the Ombudsman for Children for intervention.

The girl, Weronika Rasała, currently lives in a utility building that is not suitable for permanent occupation. Despite many requests for replacement premises directed at a local authority, no aid was granted. Things went from bad to worse when Weronika became an orphan. She is now under care of her adult sister.

In light of international law, and especially the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a state is obliged to provide material assistance and support to a child’s carers, particularly with regard to nutrition, clothing and housing.

In response the HFHR was told that the Ombudsman for Children had intervened ex officio and applied to the local authority for the immediate grant of replacement premises for Weronika and her brother. The Ombudsman also asked the head of the Municipal Social Assistance Centre to provide any possible assistance to the siblings.

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