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HFHR’s intervention regarding anti-Muslim incident in Warsaw mosque

The HFHR asked the District Prosecutor for Warszawa-Ochota to take a closer look at the incident which took place in the Warsaw Centre of Muslim Culture. Unknown perpetrators threw pig heads on the Centre and the mosque located on the Centre’s premises. The HFHR urged the Prosecutor to take actions to unravel the facts of the case.

“Attacks targeted at Islamic places of worship and centres of culture correspond to the islamophobic attitudes of a part of Polish society. It is vital not to disregard such incidents and attacks motivated by hate and a lack of tolerance based on religious differences”, reads the statement.

The Foundation highlighted that the circumstances of the case should be comprehensively investigated because it is not the first incident targeted at the Warsaw Centre of Muslim Culture. In the past, the building was reportedly hit by projectiles fired from an air gun. “In this context it is worth mentioning that, unfortunately, in Poland there are organisations and web pages openly promoting hate and hatred targeted at religious minorities”, says Dr Pudzianowska, an HFHR lawyer.

The statement reads as follows: “Such behaviour should never take place in a democratic society that upholds such values as respect for human dignity and freedom, also in terms of one’s faith. It is worth noting that freedom to practise, join and manifest a religion is guaranteed under art. 53 (1-2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland”.

“A sharp response of state authorities should be a clear signal of no acceptance of behaviours motivated by hate based on a religious affiliation”, points out Dr Pudzianowska.

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