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HFHR’s statement after events in Knurów

The HFHR is concerned about the events that – according to media reports – took place on 2 May in Knurów during the football match between the teams of Concordia Knurów and Ruch Radzionków.

As reported by the media, a group of around 50 supporters of the Concordia team stormed the football pitch heading towards the section occupied by supporters of Ruch Radzionków. In order to contain the situation police officers securing the sporting event are reported to have used riot shotguns, which led to one of the fans having been hit by a rubber bullet on the neck. An ambulance that arrived at the scene transported the man to a hospital where he died of the injuries.

The HFHR points out to the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights, which ruled in the case involving Poland that the Police should ensure the presence of an ambulance at the scene when planning an intervention involving a large number of police officers and suspects.

“In the situation where an injured person was struck by a rubber bullet on the neck it must be clarified whether the weapon was properly used by police officers and whether the use of such weapon was the least severe measure available given the circumstances. Of particular importance is the question whether the riot shotguns were not used only due to the absence of other riot control measures”, reads the statement issued today.

The HFHR asked the Silesian Chief Commissioner of the Police to thoroughly investigate all the important circumstances related to the use of riot shotguns by the police officers.

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