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Interior Ministry responds to HFHR statement on PRISM

In July, the HFHR inquired about actions taken by the Ministry of Interior in response to the reports regarding PRISM, a US surveillance programme.

Replying to the inquiry, Piotr Stachańczyk, the Ministry’s Secretary of State, observed that the issue was the subject of a discussion within the EU and the negotiations between the EU and the US held in a special ad-hoc working group. In consequence of the above, the MI will base its further activities on both outcomes of the working group talks and decisions of other EU bodies involved in the issue.

“I’d like to emphasise that the Ministry of Interior notes that the subject at hand is a very sensitive one and that requires adoption of a careful approach which would take into consideration the need to keep a proper balance between the two values: common security and the right to privacy, including protection of data. In striking this balance, one should take account of the fact that any interference in the latter right must be proportional and satisfy the constitutional principle of being “necessary in a democratic state ruled by law”, reads the statement.

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