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Launch of Civil Observatory on Democracy

The Civil Observatory on Democracy has been launched. The Observatory is a joint initiative of non-governmental organisations seeking to improve respect for human rights and human rights protection, transparency and responsibility of public authorities and the quality of the laws the state adopts.

The list of the promoters of the Observatory on Democracy includes: Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska, Panoptykon Foundation, Stefan Batory Foundation, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Institute for Law and Society INPRIS, Institute of Public Affairs, Citizens Network Watchdog Poland, Amnesty International, Association for Legal Intervention.

The Civil Observatory on Democracy is documenting the reactions of social organisations, legal institutions and communities, members of the academia, professional groups and citizens to the changes of provisions of the law on the citizens’ liberties and rights, democratic legal order and the system of state. The Observatory’s website includes opinions, expert reports and statements of the non-governmental organisations and civic institutions concerning the legal enactments on civic rights and freedoms, democratic legal order, constitutional system of state and the role of the public and civic institutions in the country’s legal system.

The initiative is an open project. All who take an interest in the legislative process and monitor the legislative changes in the areas of their interest are invited to send their opinions as well as add new positions to the repository in the form of opinions and documents of other civic organisations which were not mentioned on the website of the observatory.

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