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Lawsuit of former head of Teatr Ósmego Dnia

Ewa Wójciak, who in July this year was dismissed from the post of the head of Teatr Ósmego Dnia in Poznań, has filed a suit against her former employer. The plaintiff seeks PLN 30,000 in damages for the infringement of the principle of equal treatment in employment.

In the opinion of Ewa Wójciak her dismissal was without merit and based mostly on her activity as a private citizen, which was unrelated to the functioning of the theater she headed. She argues in her statement of claim that the grounds for her dismissal were: letters she sent to Janusz Palikot following his resignation from the Civic Platform, her indecent remark about the choice of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as new Pope and her decision to run for the European Parliament as a candidate of Your Move.

“The case of Ewa Wójcik has been included in the HFHR Strategic Litigation Programme,” says Dr. Adam Bodnar, HFHR’s Deputy President. “In our view the plaintiff in this case fell victim to unequal treatment and discrimination because of, among other things, personal views she expressed”, explains Dr. Bodnar.

Mr Maciej Ślusarek of Leśnodorski Ślusarek i Wspólnicy represents Ewa Wójciak pro bono.

The first hearing in the case has not yet been scheduled.

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