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Letter to the Prime Minister on the enforcement of the ECtHR judgments

The ECtHR inquired Prime Minister Donald Tusk to provide the expected date of developing the report on the enforcement of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Poland.

This issue was discussed at the meeting of the Committee for Justice and Human Rights of the Sejm, the lower Polish parliamentary chamber, held in April 2012. During the meeting, members of the Committee issued a resolve to the government calling the Council of Ministers to prepare an annual report on the status of the enforcement of ECtHR judgements in Poland. The aim of the report would be not only to inform the public on the status of enforcement of Strasburg Court’s judgments but also to consider the issue a priority and introduce it to MPs and ministers.

Further, the Foundation asked if the report could be delivered to NGOs prior to its official filing with the Sejm. This would allow organisations to comment on the government’s actions concerning the implementation of individual judgments.

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