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LRAD Devices: Chief of Police Responds to HFHR Letter

The Chief of Police has responded to the [June 20, 2011 Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights letter] concerning the acceptability of the use of LRAD 500X devices by the Police for purposes of incapacitation.

In his response, the Chief of Police has stated: “I share the opinion of the HFHR, and seek to clarify that the legislation currently in force rules out the possibility of using the special functions of the device as a direct coercive measure.

At the same time, the Chief of Police indicated that “the multipurpose LRAD 500X device was purchased for a different purpose than use as a direct coercive measure; namely, its purchase was linked to the necessity of equipping Police units with technical systems that permit announcements, information and warnings during rescue actions, public gatherings and open-air festivals to be communicated effectively.

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