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Minister J. Gowin has presented his commentary on secret CIA prisons

The Ministry of Justice informed HFHR that Minister Jarosław Gowin, while commenting on the allegations against Zbigniew Siemiątkowski in the investigation of secret CIA prisons in Poland in a radio interview, based his comments exclusively on his assumptions as to the possible course of the proceedings.

Let us remind our readers that during the “Sygnały Dnia” radio broadcast Minister Gowin said: “I wish to remind our audience that not only is Poland the only country among this countries where assumptions concerning CIA’s secret bases have appeared but we’re also the only country where the prosecutors have produced formal charges. It seems that the charges were precipitate as when the investigation was taken over by a higher-level prosecutor’s office in Kraków, the initial allegations directed at, for example, Zbigniew Siemiątkowski, dit not prove to be well grounded. This also shows that we should be extremely cautious and reserved in this case”.

After the broadcast HFHR asked the Minister of Justice about the premises on which he had based his opinion. In the enquiry, HFHR emphasized the classified nature of the investigation and the separateness of the roles of Prosecutor General and Minister of Justice in Poland. In its reply to our enquiry, the Ministry informed us that Minister Gowin had not referred in any way to the data from the files of the preparatory proceedings.

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