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Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the case of Sergei Magnitsky

In response to the HFHR’s letter, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed the Foundation on the measures taken to clear up the circumstances of the Sergei Magnitsky’s death. The Ministry’s letter indicated that as a result of the collaboration of the European states, including Poland, on 27 March 2012 the European Council took a position and called on Russia to not only pursue a comprehensive and thorough investigation into the death of Sergei Magnitsky but also to close the long-pending proceedings and to hold the guilty accountable for their actions.

The Council highlighted that despite the launch of an independent investigation ordered by President Medvedev and the filing of the indictment against two prison doctors, many aspects of the case still remain unresolved. The issue of Mr Magnitsky’s death was raised by Herman Van Rompuy, the President of the European Council, at the EU-Russia summit held during the Polish Presidency of the EU.

As noted in the letter, the above position of the European Council “reflects the maximum level of consensus regarding S. Magnitsky’s case which can be reached today among the EU Member States”.

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