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New leaflets for foreigners

“Victims, suspects, accused. The rights of foreigners in criminal proceedings” is the most recent leaflet prepared by the HFHR for foreigners living in Poland.
The publication describes procedures undergone by a victim of a crime or a person accused of committing a crime. It draws attentions to issues that are important for foreigners such as access to an interpreter or a threat that a foreigner will be ordered to return to their country of origin (which means being forced to leave Poland). The leaflet also discusses in detail petty offences that, by their nature, pertain only to foreigners, including illegal border crossing, staying in Poland in violation of the law or working without a necessary permit.  It also touches upon the issue of domestic violence and racial, ethnic, national and religious violence.

Leaflets are available free of charge in paper and electronic form, in four languages: Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian. Publications were prepared as part of the project “How to Make It in Poland II”, which is co-funded by the National Programme of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.

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