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New publications as part of the programme Healthcare in Polish Prisons

Experts of the programme ‘Healthcare in Polish Prisons. Towards compliance with human right standards’ has compiled a guide on the rights and freedoms of detained persons in the context of filing complaints against improper healthcare services offered to inmates during their incarceration.

‘Each detained person has the right to make complaints, submit requests or motions. In our guide we specify the preconditions for filing a complaint and explain where it should be addressed’, says Maja Ejchart, programme coordinator.

Also, the experts have drafted guidelines on applying for a prison leave. The guide contains basic information on legal basis for grating prison leaves, the review of relevant case law and a template of a request for a temporary prison leave.

‘Our guides will be distributed free of charge during Foundation lawyers duty hours. They are also available for downloading from our website and will be sent out to interested prisoners and their families’, says Maria Ejchart.

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