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NGO reply to disclosed ACTA negotiating documents

A group of non-governmental organisations addressed the Prime Minister in response to the government’s publication of documents relating to the Poland’s position in ACTA negotiations. ‘We consider the publication as a step into the right direction taken by public administration, an expression of the intention to explain doubts and confusion regarding ACTA’, reads the statement.

The organisations also ask the government to confirm if all the available ACTA-related documents have already been disclosed. The NGOs further request the authorities to say which documents, if any, are classified or have yet to be made public. ‘We fully understand that in exceptional circumstances it may be in the interest of the state to deny public access to certain documents. However, we think that the reasons for such denial have to be clearly communicated to the public’, says the statement.

The organisations declare they are willing to provide further assistance in conducting public debate on ACTA.

The statement was signed by Centrum Cyfrowe Projekt: Polska, the Modern Poland Foundation, the Panoptykon Foundation, the Free and Open Software Foundation, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Internet Society Polska,  PLUG Polish Linux User Group.

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