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Observation of trial on obstructing police on site of deadly shooting of Nigerian citizen

The HFHR has begun to observe the trial of 21 men charged with assaulting police officers and using force to obstruct their work. The incident allegedly happened in May 2010 on the 10th-Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw after the lethal shooting of Maxwell Itoya, a Nigerian citizen. The defendants come from Nigeria, Cameroon, Guatemala and India.

Last week the second hearing was held in the District Court for Warszawa Praga-Południe. The Court found that the case satisfied the criteria of the mandatory defence requirement because of circumstances hampering the defence. Due to the absence of one of defence counsel the Court adjourned the proceedings until 8 March 2013.

During the trial the HFHR monitors the observance of procedural safeguards for the defendants, including the right to defence and the presence of an interpreter.

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