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ON THE MOVE concluded

We have completed the implementation of international project ON-THE-MOVE – The reality of free movement for young European citizens migrating in times of crisis, which attempted to look into the reality of exercising the right to free movement within the European Union in the context of post-crisis migrations of young EU nationals.

The project comprised legal and social studies in 15 Member States of the EU that in recent years experienced an increase in the mobility of EU nationals. The question of mobility was analysed from the perspective of three distinctive groups: young Europeans aged 25-35; local, regional and national institutions and organisations competent on free movement; and EU institutions.

The studies were designed to identify drivers and barriers as well as existing practices that affect the exercise of the right to free movement. Conclusions of the studies served as a basis for proposed solutions that make the right to free movement effective for EU nationals.

Results of the studies were compiled and presented in a series of reports. The project comprises 15 national reports on the mobility of young people in a given country and 5 cross-functional reports that discuss specific questions of mobility seen from different perspectives (those of emigrants, institutions, barriers and drivers related to emigration). The project also developed a manual for young people planning to go to another EU member state and a manual for institutions discussing good practices related to the right to free movement of persons within the EU.

Project publications can be accessed on the project’s website.

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