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Opinion on investigation of J. Zientara case

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights is concerned by the latest news reports on the criminal inquiry into the disappearance and murder of the press reporter Jarosław Ziętara.

Mr Ziętara was an investigative journalist covering major white collar crimes and links between the worlds of business and politics. He was abducted in 1992. Criminal investigation in this case, originally dismissed in 1999, was officially reinstated in 2012.

“In order to conduct effective inquiries into cases involving attacks on and killings of journalists, the state must act pro-actively and, among other things, provide adequate protection and safeguards for witnesses who have decided to testify. In consequence of the above, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights Observatory of the Freedom of Media in Poland emphasises that there is a need to maintain or establish proper protective measures in the criminal proceedings that concern the killing of Mr Ziętara”, reads HFHR’s statement.

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