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Prosecution Service issued a statement on the alleged CIA prisons

According to the statement of the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office in Cracow received by the HFHR, in the course of the investigation involving the offence under article 231(1) of the Criminal Code (abuse of power) the prosecutors interviewed 62 persons and collected 20 volumes of evidence.

Responding to the HFHR’s request, the Appellate Prosecutor’s Office further informed that the proceedings were extended until 11 August 2012. The statement also confirms that after 18 March 2009 competent US authorities were several times requested to provide legal assistance in the form of a disclosure of relevant information.

“At the same time I regretfully inform that I am unable to answer the asked questions in a more exhaustive manner because of the fact that the evidence collected in this case is classified as ‘Top Secret'”, reads the statement.

The answers given in the document were not provided under the Access to Public Information Act. “According to well-established jurisprudence, this Act does not apply to ongoing investigations (…).” However, out of respect for the citizens’ right to information about the activities of public authorities, I’m providing you with the above answers”, wrote in the statement prosecutor Artur Wrona.

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