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Pushed Back at the Door

Pushed Back at the Door: Denial of Access to Asylum in Eastern EU Member StatesThe report ‘Pushed Back at the Door’ by NGOs from five Eastern EU Members States (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia) presents a bleak picture of Europe’s response to the biggest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Increased border control and the construction of physical and legal barriers restricting access to protection for people fleeing war and terror characterize this ‘scary new’ reality. The political discourse shaping legislative and policy measures in the participating countries is centred around issues of security and terrorism, while little or no room is left for the obligation to grant the right to asylum and to protection.

Published by Hungarian Helsinki Committee

Date od publication: 2017

Authors: Georgi Voynov, Bulgarian Helsinki Committee; Hana Franková, Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU), Czech Republic; Anikó Bakonyi, Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC); Marta Górczyńska, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (HFHR); Miha Nabergoj, Legal-informational Centre for NGOs – PIC (PIC), Slovenia


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