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The role of European Funds in supporting the integration of migrants in Poland

The below report aims to raise awareness about the conditions in which NGO’s specializing in migration issues function in Poland. We hope that it will encourage broader support for Polish NGO’s in the current challenging circumstances and indeed for any activities that foster integration of migrants in Poland.

The objective of this report is to describe the problems that result when non-government organizations (NGO’s) limit or stop implementing activities that support the integration of migrants. Such was the case recently in Poland when the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (pol. Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji) decided to limit NGO’s access to European funds, thus forcing them to reduce or stop their initiatives related to integration support. This decision was taken despite the fact that, for years, it has been primarily NGO’s that provide support for integration between migrants and Polish citizens.

Authors: Wiktor Klaus, Ewa Ostaszewska-Żuk, Marta Szczepanik

Date of publication: September 2017


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