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Publications on health care in prisons

Over the last two years, the HFHR has carried out the programme “Health Care in Polish Prisons – The Pursuit of Compliance with Human Rights Standards”. “After two years of our programme we are well aware of numerous systemic problems in the area of prison health care”, says Maria Ejchart, project coordinator. “We understand that defining such problems is just the beginning of our journey to make a change”, adds Ms Ejchart.

As a conclusion of the programme in January 2013 two publications summarising the work of the programme were completed. The first one, entitled “Prison Health Care. The Current State of a Discussion and Directions of Reforms”, is a record of a debate on the programme’s activities.

“Health care in Polish penitentiary facilities is not a popular discussion topic frequently found in the headlines. Any reports of problems are left behind the walls. And they are brought to light in the face of human tragedy”, say Maria Ejchart and Katarzyna Wiśniewska in the preface to the publication.

The other publication, “A Doctor-Lawyer Cooperation. Experiences of the Medical and Law Clinic”, presents the clinic’s innovative working model. The clinic was based on a collaboration between the students of law and medicine in reviewing cases reported to the Foundation, carried out under the supervision of lawyers and doctors.

“What we consider our greatest success during these two years of the work of the clinic is unquestionably that we managed to teach future lawyers and doctors to work together for the benefit of detained individuals”, says Mrs Wiśniewska, a HFHR lawyer.

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