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Ratification of OPCAT: a series of information sessions in Tajikistan

In July – August 2018 a series of information sessions on the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention against Torture took place in Tajikistan.

During the information sessions, Commissioner for Human Rights, representatives of the Prosecutor’s General Office of Tajikistan and the Coalition of NGOs against Torture spoke about the need to ratify the Optional Protocol, to establish the National Preventive Mechanism, as well as about the activities of the Monitoring group visiting various places of detention in the country.

Information sessions were held within the framework of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights project “Actions for Freedom from Torture in Tajikistan” funded by the European Union. The project also foresees the conduction of a financial and economic analysis of the costs involved in the ratification and implementation of the OPCAT, as well as an analysis of national legislation in terms of its compliance with international standards.

More details on the information sessions can be obtained in the press release in English, in Russian and in Tajik.

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