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Recruitment of study participants

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights are currently conducting a survey of procedural rights of subjects of criminal proceedings including arrested persons and suspects (also detained suspects) as well as the persons wanted under a European Arrest Warrant. As part of this project, we plan to conduct 11 interviews with such persons. The recruitment of study participants is now open.

Who can apply?

We would like to talk to persons who were arrested and charged after 30 November 2016. We are also interested in interviewing those persons who have already served their sentence and been released from prison, if they were arrested after 30 November 2016.

What do we want to know?

During an interview, we will ask general questions about how the case unfolded. Specifically, we want to know whether:

  • an interviewee was able to exercise their right to be informed (about charges, rights),
  • an interviewee was able to exercise their right to a defence (including the right to be represented by a professional attorney),
  • an interviewee was able to exercise their right to translation.

How do we interview people?

Before an interview starts, we ask the interviewee to give us written consent to the interview and its audio recording. We also give the interviewee a personal data processing notice. Interviews will be conducted by a Foundation’s lawyer at the HFHR’s head office at ul. Zgoda 11, Warsaw, Poland or at another location convenient for the interviewee. Each interview takes about 60 minutes.

What are participation conditions?

During the study, we want to collect reliable information from persons who experienced an arrest by law enforcement. Therefore, we will ask our interviewees for a proof of them actually having had such experiences. Accordingly, in order to be accepted to the study, each interviewee must produce an identity document and a documentary proof of arrest (such as a transcript of an arrest record, etc.)

How to reach us?

All persons interested in talking with us about their experiences related to an arrest, should call us at +48 22 556 44 45 or +48 22 556 44 70 or send us an email to m.szuleka@hfhr.org.pl.

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