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Rules for media covering court cases – guidebook for journalists

In the context of the case of TVP Info disclosing sensitive information about the court proceedings conducted in Ewa Tylman’s murder case, the HFHR would like to recall the basic rules applicable to journalists who provide coverage of court cases. 

In order to do so, we have prepared a short guidebook for journalists, in which we discuss the relevant rights and duties of journalists and also the legal consequences of their violations of certain rules of what is known as “court media reporting”.

At the same time, we must emphasise that if the media are to perform the role of a “public watchdog” and practically implement standards of the freedom of speech, they must act responsibly, professionally and with integrity, and respect other human rights such as the right to privacy.

We would like to inform that the HFHR will cautiously look into cases of media’s failure to adhere to standards of court media reporting, in particularly when such failures may lead to a violation of material interests of participants in proceedings. We are willing to provide all ways of assistance to all interested parties.

The guidebook can be accessed here.

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