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ISA does not use tools to remotely control computers and phones

Responding to a query from the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, the Internal Security Agency has said it did not use the Remote Control System software. The Foundation also asked the Central Anti-corruption Bureau the same question.

The RCS is capable of monitoring computers and telephones and tracking online correspondence. The system may also acquire data stored on such devices even if a user is offline. The RCS may copy files from a computer’s hard drive, record Skype conversations, intercept passwords entered in a browser and remotely turn on a web camera or a computer’s microphone.

The scientists affiliated with The Citizen Lab, an interdisciplinary laboratory operating at the University of Toronto, Canada, published on 14 February 2014 a report titled “Mapping Hacking Team’s ‘Untraceable’ Spyware”, which analysed the use of the RCS. The report reads that the system is offered for sale to governments by Hacking Team, a Milan-based company. The document names twenty-one governments, including those of Azerbaijan, Columbia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Hungary, Turkey, Morocco and also Poland.

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