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Smear campaign against courts continues, HFHR issues statement

“The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights condemns the mounting attacks by members of the executive and legislative against judges of common courts and the Supreme Court”, reads the recent statement.

Attempt to undermine trust in justice system

The Foundation emphasises that attacks against the justice system create a false image of reality, the purpose of which is to undermine social trust in one of the foundations of a democratic state ruled by law. “It is difficult not to notice that the actual purpose of the attacks is to justify grossly unconstitutional changes to the system of common courts and the composition and functioning of the National Council of the Judiciary of Poland. These changes, introduced under the false pretences of counteracting abuses and making the judiciary ‘more democratic’ will lead to the actual abolishment of the justice system, which in consequence will pose a constant threat to the respect for constitutional freedoms and rights of individuals”, the statement indicates.

Supreme Court targeted

According to the HFHR, another act in this smear campaign against courts was the actions took in an attempt to dismiss Professor Małgorzata Gersdorf, the First President of the Supreme Court, namely the submission of the ruling party’s deputies motion to the Constitutional Tribunal. The initiative seems to be a response to the recent public statements of the Supreme Court’s top judge, critical to planned reforms of the judiciary.

Judicial reforms require public debate

“The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights recognises the need for a reform of the justice system. However, a decision to introduce such reforms should be taken within the framework of an open public discourse held in the atmosphere of mutual respect. They cannot be triggered by populist actions based on simplification and serving a partisan party’s interest”, the statement reads.

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