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To the memory of Wiktor Osiatyński

Wiktor Osiatyński was a lawyer, sociologist, political scientist and a writer.

He explored history, the social role and philosophy of human rights and freedoms. Wiktor Osiatyński served as an expert of constitution committees in Poland and abroad. He was a professor of constitutional law at European and US universities. A careful observer of public life, Wiktor Osiatyński was the originator and a participant in many different social initiatives. He was a relentless champion for the common good and defender of the rights of minorities. He commanded respect with his knowledge, imagination and energy.

It cannot be overestimated how much we, the members and supporters of the Helsinki Committee and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, owe Wiktor Osiatyński. He was a co-author of the proposed Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the originator and a superb lecturer of the School of Human Rights as well as the founder and a board member of the Strategic Litigation Programme. Wiktor Osiatyński inspired many of our projects, including those addressing human rights and settlements with the past or aiding young human rights defenders from countries of the former USSR. More than anything else, Wiktor Osiatyński was a friend. At all times, we could count on his kindly but fair judgement and, if a need arose, he readily supported us with his insight and commitment.

Wiktor Osiatyński was a wise, brave, genuine and respectful man.

We extend our condolences to His Family and loved ones.

Board, Council and Staff of
the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights,
members of the Helsinki Committee in Poland

Wiktor Osiatyński’s memorial service begins at 1 pm on 12 May 2017, at the Powązki Military Cemetery Funeral Home.

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