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Who are Constitutional Tribunal candidates?

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, partnering with the Institute for Law and Society INPRIS and the Polish Section of the International Commission of Jurists, is engaged in the project of civic monitoring of candidates for Polish Constitutional Tribunal judges.As part of this initiative, on Wednesday we held a meeting with two Constitutional Tribunal candidates, Professor Andrzej Wróbel and Senator Piotr Andrzejewski.

The civic monitoring of candidates project has been designed to involve the civil society in a public debate over candidates for one of the top judicial institutions in Poland.

‘We act on the premise that the process for appointment of high-ranking judges should be entirely transparent’, says Dorota Pudzianowska, HFHR. ‘Thanks to such meetings, the public can learn about the opinions and views of candidates for Constitutional Tribunal judges’, she adds.

The three NGOs involved in the project already called for an earlier naming of Tribunal candidates but so far their proposal has been disregarded.

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