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Who will be next judge of Constitutional Tribunal?

29 March was the deadline for admission of candidates for the vacant post at the Constitutional Tribunal’s bench (term of office of Judge M. Granat will expire on 27 April 2016).

In connection with the above, the coalitions of non-governmental organisations monitoring constitutional judges’ appointments has called the parliamentarians to “appoint a constitutional judge in a way which will ensure respect for Constitution, transparency of the procedure and possibility of conducting public debate on the candidates”.

In the statement issued today, the organisations remind that the President of Poland has not yet taken the judicial affirmations from three judges elected in November 2015. “Duty to take the judicial affirmations results from the judgements of the Constitutional Tribunal of 3 and 9 December, which are universally applicable. Respect for the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, a necessary features of a democratic country, requires implementation of these judgments by the competent public authorities”, reads the statement.

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