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HFHR calls on Human Rights Defender regarding ratification of human rights conventions

Last year, the Human Rights Defender issued the publication entitled “The Polish Map of the International Conventions of Human Rights”, which presented an overview of the domestic ratification process in respect of the key conventions for human rights protection. The Map showed that Poland failed to ratify every other international human rights treaty. The not ratified instruments included, in particular, the principal agreements concerning social rights, non-discrimination and the rights of immigrants.

When the publication was launched, the Human Rights Defender promised to hold debates with the ministries responsible for policy areas governed by individual international human rights protection instruments. Unfortunately, no action has been taken since.

The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights appealed to the Human Rights Defender to re-open a discussion on the Polish Government’s policy concerning the ratification of international human rights protection treaties.

“Based on the observations of the Government’s involvement in this area, we are concerned that without a more pro-active approach of particular ministries, it will be unlikely that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will take on the problem on its own”, reads the appeal of the HFHR.

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