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HFHR comments on retreat in Gryfice

In recent days, more than 1000 students of state schools in Gryfice went on a retreat. The media reported that the event unfolded in a very unusual way as the participating children fainted, burst into tears and lost control over their behaviour.

A priest leading the retreat did not let anybody to assist them, explaining that the experiences were supposed to let the students learn how to “witness the existence of God”. The HFHR reported the event to the attention of the local school superintendent’s office.

“The law says that students, if their parents agree so, may go on retreats, but this cannot be understood as a consent to practices that pose a risk to children’s mental or physical health”, Elżbieta Czyż says.

The HFHR has asked the school superintendent’s office if the case has been explained and measures taken to prevent similar incidents in future.

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